Great Expectations… It’s not going according to plan!!

I started writing this blog a week and then a month after arriving to town. Now at 3 months in we have even more perspective on uprooting from Mesa, Arizona and moving across the country to Brevard, North Carolina. It’s been quite a ride so far. Here is how moving to town started out…


Beautiful horse and view at NM rest stop


So the ride across the country was fast and good. We threw in some fun family experiences like Meow Wolf (a trippy art museum for all ages) in Santa Fe, NM, playing catch in a field in the tiny postage stamp town of Adrian, TX off route 66, playing in the water on the Wibit at Eufaula, OK (the water was sooooo hot it kept feeling like we were swimming into people’s pee) and having a meal at Braums’s ice cream and burger place, but after that it was too hot and humid and we booked it. Actually we had a memorable dinner at Village Inn in Arkansas where we learned about “frogging”, “noodling” catfish and that cow tipping was real (not just a funny scene in the movie Cars).

Then we booked it. Drive, drive, drive!!


Filled in the lower 48 states!!


When we crossed back into North Carolina we were in the Appalachian Mountains. It was so exciting. We were cheering all as a family. As we rolled into Brevard it was amazing to be back. But then as we turned onto the street where we were renting a house out everything starting going wrong. The first street was too narrow to turn down and the second one looked too steep. We tried to come at it from a different angle, I yelled, we measured and in the end we couldn’t drive up the hill. It was such a let down.

What should have been a joyous return to Brevard became a mad dash to unpack what we thought we immediately needed before the sunset. Imagine our not so happy children (including our 5 year old) taking bags up a too steep hill to our rental home while the RV sat in the country road with hazards on for 1 1/2 hours. We pulled mattresses right out of the RV, food, clothing, toiletries and minimal toys. The landlord was very understanding and our saving grace. He helped us move some items and even let us park our RV until we could “work something (else) out”. Google maps and a Facebook Messenger video chat with the landlord wasn’t enough to prepare us and avoid this unfortunate situation that we didn’t fit. Our vision was that we would roll into town and slowly unpack over the next few days. Nope! it’s now people. Move, move, move!!

After that first crazy night reacting to our new temporary home we started focusing on the next step. James walked to town and bought a kitchen table and chairs from a moving sale. Then we bought our bikes in town at a local bike shop call Next Venture. Now we were mobile. Because remember we moved to town with no car, now no RV close by and only two bikes had survived our trip around North America the year before we only had our feet.  So getting a fleet of bikes locally felt amazing and got us where we needed to go much faster.


Thrift Shopping for back to school on bike-so many great finds

The third day was our friends’ son’s birthday party at the local park. Several of us just had our bathing suits get warn out so, I took a chance and scored cute ones from the local thrift shop and arrived in style. It was so great to be greeted by our first Brevardian friends at the pool on a hot day in July.


After that is was a mixture of OMG there are cockroaches in the house (Thank you landlord for paying for that to be fixed!!) and more responsibilities. I registered all the kids for public school. We went to the library to connect with our friends there and got invited to Oscar Blues Brewery and to hear live music. It was another beautiful summer night out.


So thankful our strong kids can ride the 6 miles round trip to Oskar Blues Brewery

After that I confidently got hired on as a caregiver in town which ended up being a bad fit for me. After about three weeks I was done and looking forward to jobs that would fit our lifestyle better and would use my Psychology degree.

Our Argentina friends told us they were pregnant and we all realized that our trip down there for an extended holiday was not going to workout this time. Noooooo! This was another huge disappointment, but realized that.  There is a silver lining here. We decided to dig deeper into our community from the get go.

After suffering through a lot of starts and stops with our great expectations not going according to plan my friend asked me on the day of the Total Eclipse here in town, Yvette, why do you have a positive attitude through this? How do you have the vision to know that it will be all okay? It was a great question. I really was biking through town with a smile on my face even though we were away from the RV, I had my job fall through, bugs needed to be killed in the rental and things just hadn’t fallen junto place as expected. I said that I am blessed with extended supportive family. I know that you don’t need much to be happy and things will turn around. This is why I love to give my time and money to others. Many don’t have it as good as us.20170811_071135.jpg


The kids making eclipse art at the farmer’s market in town

Now with three months in town and even one trip out of town under our belt the dust has settled. We are in another new place and have a new dog. I will have to write a separate blog just for that. Job hunting continues on for me, but James has found a full time job since moving here. I am really glad I stayed positive through all the bumps when we first rolled into town. My family needed it.




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