We are moving… eek!

I can’t sleep tonight because we are moving. In 10 days we will be heading to a family reunion in our RV. After all that fun then we are gathering up the rest of our gear and heading east. I kept thinking I had until later on this month to finish up things with my in-laws we are staying with, but no. We are moving in 10 days!

I have moved a lot I my life. I changed schools every few years when I lived in Massachusetts. When I was 12 my parents relocated my little brother and I to Scottsdale, Arizona. When I was 18 and off to college I moved 5 times in two years before marrying James and moving into our newly purchased home together. James also is no stranger to moving. He lived in Saudi Arabia during his elementary school years. And traveled between three sets of parents due to divorce and remarriage once back in the states.

With our children the moving cycle continued. We changed schools for Dylan every year to help find the best fit for him until we decided to homeschool him and his siblings.

When we hit the road last year in our RV we moved A LOT. We did not stay anywhere too long. We were on the road every few days constantly moving.

James and I are no strangers to moving, but what we are about to do we have never done before. We are uprooting from our parents and siblings and moving across the country to “stay”. I say it in air quotes because we are travelers now. We’ve got the bug and it is going to stay inside us.

I am nervous and scared, well maybe scared is too strong of a word… I am laying here worried about so much: setting up utilities in our new rental house, becoming registered voters for the state of NC, getting a new job in a new field of work (I am going to become a caregiver), keeping health insurance,   registering the kids for school, making friends and becoming engaged with our new community. And we are going to do it without any handholding from parents like in the past!

We are going to hug family goodbye without knowing when we will see them again.




Following our gypsy hearts is going to be so good, sad, exciting, worrying and inspiring to others.

Wish us luck that I/we can be present these next 10 days in anticipation of the move. We have a lot on our minds and on our plate!




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