Cleaning up in Ashland… with the Fays

One year ago we met up with a family that dared to live in an RV like us on the road… for the 3rd time. We met the Fays on the beach of California. We both were visiting family/friends that couldn’t accommodate our large crew at their homes so we parked front row on the beach just three spots away from eachother.  It didn’t take long for us to meet eachother and connect.

Next thing we knew we were in Yosemite National Park together hiking with our combined 10 children and it was great!


Well this post is about our third time meeting up. We reconnected in Ashland, Wisconsin. We got to see Krista’s father’s church where we got the opportunity to give back and feed the less fortunate of their congregation. We also were even invited to pick out items from the churches massive closet for our growing children.

When we walked around town the good fortune continued. There happened to be free ice creams being handed out at the awesome historic bank. The bankers treated the kids and gave them a tour of the vault.


kids curbside with ice cream at the bank

Then another day we were walking from the church to the beach dressed to swim with the Fay kids and a man came up to us needing help. His boat had started drifting back into Lake Superior. Well, you know James lives for moments like this. We walked right into the water and retrieved his boat. As a thank you he jetted us across the lake to meet our friends. It was the coolest entrance ever to approach lake side as opposed to sandy beach side. Krista didn’t believe it was us until we were 10 feet in front of her!

In town we also bought the vinyl for what would become our #wanderingbrooks sticker for the side of the RV and scored some killer deals at the thrift shop. Like $.50-$1 prices! Krista and I both have a love for good deals with all these kids we have to clothe.

But, probably my favorite time was when we got our kids to bed and then stayed up by the fire and talked together as couples about what was important to us in life and sharing our stories from the past. These kinds of moments really recharged my battery. These are the times that I really craved while on the road with my husband and 4 kids.

It’s kinda funny that our lives are so similar. We didn’t just have our 7th child like them, but we both have sold/are selling our permanent home that we were renting last year on the road. And we are both hitting the road again/soon in our RVs.


Ricky installing our hammock

Ricky is a contractor and they are hitting the road flipping houses. They are hoping to move to Missouri or Tennessee, but are flipping houses as a means of income and to be together and teach their children really important life skills. We are chillin in Northern Arizona to escape the heat and wait out a family reunion, but are relocating to the bikeable/walkable town of Brevard, NC to live the life that is important to us. We are getting approved now for land out there to remodel an old home into the home of our dreams. We can’t wait to meet and play again with these fellow “crazy” RVers and just bask in the life living simply.

Until next time friends!!



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