Recycling on the Road

I love recycling. It hurts me to throw items that could be recycled into the trash while we travel, so I haven’t for 10 months. Yes! You can travel and recycle. I am going to tell you how we do it.

The secret is I wash my recycling out right away so I can keep it in a storage bag under the RV whenever recycling isn’t near me. This part is critical because if you are carting around rotting food in a plastic bag under the RV on a hot day you can only imagine the stench.

Then you wait with an ever watchful eye as to where to drop off. Here’s a list:

  • National Parks are great at recycling. Really great, like some even compost.
  • Friends’ Houses!!-Yeah, don’t be afraid to ask, even new friends

The rest is a list of hit or miss depending on where you are in the country

  • Rest Stops
  • Gas Stations
  • RV campgrounds
  • Grocery stores
  • City Parks

I usually can drop items off every two to three days. But we just went through an area where it was challenging to recycle. We held onto our items for three weeks. If you fold and smush you can do it! I was really challenged in my recycling faith and almost gave up. We called recycling businesses that turned us away for not being a paying customer, grocery stores that would remove “outside” items from their bin and we were turned away from a recycling center because we weren’t residents. Thank you to Fayette County Recycle Center in La Grange, Texas for accepting my items (including old batteries!) Your friendly service was really refreshing. We feel so much lighter and happy about not making a lot of trash!

The pic below is from the last time we had to hold onto something awhile. In Yellowstone National Park and they had a huge lot for dropping off items. It was glorious!


In between recycling opportunities if you have kids like me you can always do a recycled arts craft with them to kill boredom and give your items a second use.

When we first started out I asked a seasoned RV-er and they said, “Just throw it in the bin. Everyone else does.” It didn’t sit well with me, so I started doing like I did back at home-sorting my trash and recycling. And I haven’t looked back.


I hope this helps you on your next trip!

2 thoughts on “Recycling on the Road

  1. Found your advert at the niland boat ramp — piece of paper taped to a stick stuck in the sand. Well done. (I’m looking at right right now)

    When was that made?

    Liked by 1 person

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