Oops!… Did I do that?!

So recently I broke a mirror with my butt. Yeah… Let me tell the whole story.

My mom was flying into Seattle to meet us on our road trip. It was our first time since we left Arizona that we would get to see her. Mom and I had never been apart from each other for this long (five months), so it was a big deal. Usually we see each other two or three times a week.

I was rushing around to clean the RV and prep for our first overnight guest when the accident happened. I lifted up the queen size mattress to access the storage underneath when my left hand slipped and it forced me back. I hadn’t fully slid out the two feet that our master bedroom can extend to so I got squished between the mattress and closet behind me.  I heard a “crack” and I knew what I had done right away. I sighed, turned around and saw a huge break in my closet mirror door. Gah!

What to do!?… So at first there was discussion to just tape the crack to prevent spreading and leave it at that, but that didn’t sit well with me. The next day I saw Cash tumble on my bed and almost kicked the mirror. I said to myself, “That’s it. It’s coming out!” James was out working, so I looked through his tool box (which I never do) and got to work.


The crack!!



Dylan and I looking at how the crack distorts my face

I was able to carefully remove the glass all still in tact and flip the backing around so that the door still had a covering.


All fixed

(Since then I have actually taken the backing off since it was flimsy without the mirror and now we have easier access to our jackets.) I am brilliant!

Needless to say James was impressed, my Aunt Connie joked that I was literally a “hard ass” which I found hilarious and I was mostly proud of myself for fixing my silly mistake on my own.

That was my “Oops” story! If you have any I would love to hear them. Comment back or reply on my Facebook wall.






One thought on “Oops!… Did I do that?!

  1. Hi Books family (where in the world is Cash)
    Sharon and I are in Englewood Florida till April 1st.
    We will take a break and head to Aruba the last week in Feb.
    Hope all of you are doing well in your travels.


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