Goldilocks Town

Our logo on the side of our Damon Daybreak RV says, “Wandering Brooks- 1 year, 4 kids, endless possibilities…” This blog is about that last part. In the last seven months as we have traveled around the US and Canada and have reconnected with family and met new friends I finally allowed my heart and mind to move. Yes, move. We are leaving Arizona after my 23 years in the Valley and James’24. But where you say?! We don’t know and we would like your input.

Let’s me tell you a little bit about why we would like to leave the desert. Arizona is ranked number 48, towards the bottom for education. Our kids are 12, 10, 8 and 4 so we would really like to get them in a better state for learning.

As we traveled in the National Parks this year whenever there was a river, ocean, lake or snow James and the kids could not wait to get in. We actually bought a kayak while we were in Michigan. It’s blowup so it fits right under the RV for storage. It’s been so fun. Then when we were up in the mountains there was sometimes snow (even in the summer). James and the kids would change course to run and grab some for snowball fights or building snowmen.

Another amazing side effect of traveling away from the desert has been my soft skin. I have eczema and so does Dylan. Since I have been in Arizona so long I literally have not felt my skin feel so good as an adult. I couldn’t believe it and the farther away we drove this summer the more I would rub my hands in amazement.

James and Dylan have asthma. It’s so bad in AZ that our pediatrician walked around with samples in his pockets to show young parents what daily and emergency medicine they would need to administer to their children.

Now the fun stuff. We need your help! We want a state with seasons, a small town, good schools, affordable living, eco friendly, diverse population, bike friendly and ideally “near” family and friends. We are not getting rid of the RV after this year of travel so we can always drive to events. We are looking to buy a 4 bedroom home, but don’t need large rooms or a large yard this time. We want to be able to garden and have dogs and chickens again, but not necessarily a game of kickball in the backyard. There’s always the park for that. We love local parks.

We have been taking online tests, asking friends/family and we are now driving to towns that we are starting to consider. We head out from Maryland tomorrow. So if you know of a town in the mid-atlantic on down please show it out. Help us find our next home!

Goldilocks Town search- not too big, not too small, just right.

Love, James and Yvette


3 thoughts on “Goldilocks Town

  1. We loved the Charlotte area! 4 season! Winter isn’t full of snow but 1 hour north and you get that, -‘s plenty of ski/tubing! 3 lakes! Great schools in union county where we lived when u visited us! Lots of parks and 2hrs to ocean!
    I would highly recommend it. We are now in Florida and of course no seasons here… but I would love for you guys to come be close by and we can home school together or even put our kids in same schools. Lol!
    Lots of attractions here, but it’s also not the small town feel you guys want… but I would consider NC! We also lived in Vermont, loved it there to, but you have a very long winter! But small towns, good schools, affordable housing…. huge lake Champlain!


  2. If allergies/athsma are a concern, you want bike friendly, family friendly, low cost of living, etc. I would tell you to live on the Oregon coast. Had a nurse come in to my clinic last week tell me due to family members with allergies and asthma she did some research and found the best place to live for them was Newport, Oregon. You can get a big house for a reasonable price on the Oregon coast, here is an example:,-123.825274,45.666306,-123.979082_rect/12_zm/0_mmm/1_fr/


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