Not so happy campers… and how to prevent them

Traveling with four kids across the country is challenging even when things are going well. I’ve been snapping pictures of my unhappy campers and learning along the way how to make the most of this trip. Here are some lessons I have learned:

Alora needs to have space from her brothers sometimes.20160629_112144

James needs time to fiddle and fix uninterrupted.


Sometimes I just don’t want to be shopping at Walmart and that’s okay.


When we make big travel changes and don’t tell Alora, she hates that. Now we keep her involved in the conversation. This was her after we decided not to do Alaska this trip.


Sometimes life overwhelms James and he has a tantrum. In that case he just needs to be left alone until he can be reset.


Dylan doesn’t like hiking. He will revolt in the cold and rain. Just don’t do it. It’s hard to notice him frowning in this photo because the scenery was so beautiful, but we decided to pick our battles and went back to the RV to wait out the rain.


Cash pushes buttons and will continue to do so. It’s part of what makes him great. Siblings beware.

20160717_171218 (1).jpg

Alora is a beautiful crocodile tear crier. This was because kids destroyed her building on the beach. She REALLY loves to play in water. If you are taking her to the beach you better let her get wet and play for a long time. Otherwise just keep moving down the road.


And this is the only staged photo. All others were intense moments during parenting. Whatever it is that makes your campers unhappy learn it, remember it, respect it and avoid it when possible. You will have a much better vacation because of it.


One thought on “Not so happy campers… and how to prevent them

  1. You are such a great mom, honoring your children and adapting to their wants and needs when possible. What a beautiful gift to them! This post made me think how this time on the road is helping you all to know each other even more deeply and genuinely than what would be possible back home. Respect and empathy are such wonderful gifts that we can give one another, thank you for your example!


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