As James, the kids and I travel about in the RV we have had a lot of trouble with the radio. It does not know how to scan, so we have to click repetitively and slowly to find a clear station. And when we do find a station it does not stay clear for very long because we are traveling. We also travel with only one cd which has about an hour of Zumba music on it and can’t stream music because it would eat up our data too fast. Gah!

I have noticed that there are vast areas across the US that have no radio signal or just a few stations. When we did pick something up it was most likely country or christian. It’s a good thing I have developed an ear for country music. “Hunting, fishing, lovin’ everyday…” I have listened to A LOT of Country music since we started traveling. It’s to the point now that our Argentinean friends playfully tease me and know if a country song is on they need to crank it up for me.

I also really enjoy listening to National Public Radio, which is really hard to find in rural areas.  I was telling family about my radio problems when it hit me about what this means. VAST POPULATIONS AROUND THE US ONLY LISTEN TO COUNTRY AND CHRISTIAN RADIO. Let’s think about this for a moment…

“Shut Up and Dance!!!”

I have always lived in the city where I have had access to a many radio stations.

“Give it away, give it away, give it away now…”

If I had lived in a place with no radio or only one or two choices I would be different.

“Work, work, work, work, work…”

I love listening to the radio for news and music.

“That girl is poison…”

I have a lot of genres that I enjoy.

“Dame mas gasolina…”

What do you think about this? I mean really… how are people going to get an appreciation for Hip Hip, Reggaeton, Michael Jackson (yes, he’s his own category) if they can’t even hear it?

James said to me that “young people don’t listen to the radio”, but I said nah! They do,…right?! So with my BA in Psychology spirit I decided to take a small survey of my relatives that fit the age group of “young people”, 12-21 years old.

Here’s the question I asked and how it went:

“Hey. I’m doing research for my blog and I was wondering if you could answer two quick questions for me. Do you listen to the radio? If so, what type of music do you listen to?”

Well guess what!?… The results came back 50/50. Half of my young relatives listen to the radio/ half use other methods like iTunes and Pandora and YouTube. Interestingly enough only one person listened to country like me. And if we are talking about the breakdown of geographic location all lived in major cities. So, if I were to run this survey again I would ask the same questions, but ask “young people” in areas where radio choices were slim. Now that would be interesting! 🙂

Let me know yours thoughts.




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