Traveling in an RV with 4 kids is crazy…

It has been two weeks since Chicago and I am hiding in my son’s bunk bed with a beer in the wall pocket, carving out uninterrupted time to write about it. The Chicago blog post is soon to come. This one is about how the struggle is real…


Finding space and time to think uninterrupted while RVing is challenging. There are days where my head feels like it’s spinning because I am continuously being asked to do something for someone. Making sure we all get enough exercise wasn’t happening which was terrible because then we all get on each other’s nerves quicker.

RV Life is different than back home. Our natural rhythm has changed to starting our day between 9 and 10am. Not getting out the door or on the road until noon. Then we have lunch around 2 to 3pm, snack at 5pm and dinner is at 7 or 8pm.  The sun doesn’t set in the northern states until 9pm and there is still light in the sky at 10pm. 10pm!!! We used to relish in our alone time each evening after the kids go to bed, but these days it’s harder with them up so late.

Good news though. For the last two weeks James and I have been motivating each other again to workout. Every day one of us exercises because one has to stay behind to watch the kids. So, we are getting 3-4 workouts a week. 🙂 I can feel how not consistently exercising these past few months has taken a toll. We had gotten out of the habit because it wasn’t easy with all the travel. Sometimes we didn’t know if we were in a safe place for me to take off running. But I am back now and looking forward to it being easier again.


Right now we are working on teaching the kids to treat each other the way they would want to be treated. When they are mean to each other it is terrible in such a tiny space.  Here is a magical moment from a few days ago when they were all playing with Legos together.  It was glorious and we whispered around them to make sure we didn’t ruin it.


This is still “crazy” like everyone said before we left, but here’s why we do it. It’s beautiful. We like exploring and meeting new friends. We enjoy living without time constraints and we really, really love to wander.


We have been watching Vikings so we just had to pose by this sign.


Silly Dylan


Sand castles should go on heads


James and his new BFF, Keenen


Cash on Dylan’s driftwood dock

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