9 Problems RVers don’t have…

Living on the road has changed a lot of our habits. In a moment of reflection I would like to list some things we don’t worry about anymore.

  1. Feeling Bored-The view out our front window is beautiful and ever changing.  I have been telling people that I am seriously in beauty overload. I have seen so much traveling across the US and so, so many cows! They are everywhere. America certainly loves their beef.20160501_145243Scenic Drive of Sierra Nevada20160514_121659Windhaven B&B in Ohio20160517_160037NY along the 86
  2. Commuting to Work-James used to commute one hour each way to work which kept me home with 4 kids homeschooling and managing the house for 10 hours a day. It’s better that he can work anywhere on the road and I have him as a partner all day.
  3. House Chores-We have so much less to clean and the kids help. The whole RV can be cleaned in minutes, not hours.
  4.  Finding a Restroom-My friend Erin used to tease me that we were the bathroom family, well less stops for that now that we always have one when someone has to go!
  5.  Living Cluttered-It amazes me how that kids really don’t need 95% of their toys. We downsized a lot. They were only able to bring an animal or two to sleep with and one box to put the rest in. Believe it or not that was even too much. They are too busy sightseeing, visiting family, playing on playgrounds and doing school work/electronics to need toys. My favorite is seeing them create toys from nature and packaging. I said to James last week, “That’s it! We make all our own toys now.” Don’t hold me to that, but I do feel that way currently. Another part about living less cluttered is that we each have what we need and not more. An example of that is we packed 9 days worth of clothing. We each have one color coded cup and bowl. It simplifies life and makes taking care of our things easier.
  6.  Impulse Shopping-No! I have no place for extra toys, I can only fit so much in my 3/4 sized fridge and I don’t even need all the 6 pairs of  shoes I brought. Honestly heals are so impractical in this lifestyle. My Tom wedges aren’t getting any love. I prefer my Tom flats most days.20160524_143126Following a Vernal Pool trail in Concord, MA20160514_155138So much personality and attitude with this bunch 🙂
  7. Daily Mail-E-bills, autopay, no need to look through circulars to encourage me to buy. I don’t miss mail.
  8.  Remembering Trash Day-We can throw out our trash and recycling as we stop along our route. We used to forget to roll the bin to the curb a lot when we were back in AZ. This is better.
  9.  The Police-You know how your stomach flips when you pass by a cop… “Was I speeding?… Ha! No! This thing never speeds.” No need to worry about getting pulled over.

One thought on “9 Problems RVers don’t have…

  1. Hey there! It’s Lisa (we met at Lisa Marie’s and Michael’s wedding a few weeks ago). Didn’t realize you had a blog too! Was great meeting you guys! Looking forward to following your adventures on facebook and your blog. Great post!


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