Seeing Friends and Family

This is the perfect time for us to be doing this trip. I told my friend this weekend that I used to be sad about college buddies and family moving away, but now with them spread across the country we have love and support wherever we go.  Also, the kids are the right age, our parents don’t need us, James’ job allows us this freedom and technology is amazing. Coordinating with family is easier than ever with calling, texting, Facebook and video chat. I love my new Samsung Galaxy S7.

Here is everyone we’ve met, visited and reconnected with so far. It’s kind of overwhelming. We are seriously rich in family and friends.


Cooking with Fermie in St. Johns, AZ


Feeding the cows with Ray and Merlinda at the Chavez Ranch in St. Johns, AZ



Dinner in Snowflake, Arizona with Craig, JoAnne, Mac, Grammie J, Carl and their new dog, Gigi.

For a memorable weekend get away stay at the Heritage Bed and Breakfast with your sweetheart.

Randy and Delaine’s beautiful home in Pinedale with their “lapdog” Magnum.


Alora falling asleep reading in Prescott after busy days with Lisa Zander and Jason Paradis


Windy Kingman, AZ where we met our first homeschooling RVers-Roy and Mel


IMG_20160416_212421 (1)

Connie, Chris and Kristen in SoCal plus 6 kids out to dinner and it was great!


playing on the beach with Nagisa and Allan in LA


Walking San Francisco with Josh Anijar


Exploring the farmer’s market in Corte Madera, CA


Lunch with John, Jen, Jack and Jacob in Corte Madera, CA

Bumping into Dan on his route, Monica bleaching and dying my hair and James and the kids on their front steps



Meeting our 2nd homeschooling RVers, the Fays, in SoCal and then rejoining them in Yosemite. Check out their blog at


Visiting Jason Dunn in Vegas at Grandpa’s old house with his camper he built


Sunset drum circle at the Container Park on Freemont Street in Las Vegas

Having a super fun meal with Kim and Brian in Denver. I have not seen Dylan so impressed in awhile. Kim’s business FitRepublic is now open in downtown. Go in for all your healthy lifestyle needs!

We are in the middle of America now heading towards our friends in Kentucky for yet some more great times. Life is good.

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