The highs and lows of RV Living

Today we had not one, but three problems with out RV. We are staying on a primitive road outside the Grand Canyon National Park dry camping. This morning when we lowered the jacks to head out some did not lower. For those of you who do not know leveling jacks are an AMAZING device. They allow us to park anywhere and they will raise side of the RV until we are level. It not only feels better walking around when it’s level, but water can drain down the shower and sinks properly when we are. Thanks to the great service we received at Arizona RV Service last month we remembered what to do when the jacks need to be reset. We turned off the engine, turned it back on and then held all 4 arrows for somewhere between 10-30 seconds and it stopped beeping and flashing. Then we were able to retract all jacks and go.

The next issue that came up was where to dump our black and grey water. Black water is what goes down the toilet. Grey water is what goes down the shower and sink. We were full, so it was important to flush right away. James looked up on his app AllStays, but nothing popped up. I remembered that there was an RV park right before entering the park, so we went there. The woman at Grand Canyon Camper Village was very helpful. First she let us pay to just dump. I decided to feed the kids snacks while James and Cash worked. It was pretty quick that James needed an older helper, so we sent out Dylan. Even quicker he hurt himself and I was called in to help. Dylan forgot to hold up the side compartment and it fell on his head. No blood, just tender and mostly scared him. Then after the tanks were flushed James repositioned the RV to the other side to fill back up our water tank. Cash and I took a quick walk and when we came back we were locked out of the RV. James and I just could not get the door to open. In the past, James was a regular rock climber, so he climbed into the RV through the front passenger window. It started to rain… of course, so the kids passed out a snack and our winter jackets so Cash and I were warm.  The woman at the RV park lent us a second screw driver and after much banging and fiddling we realized a piece of the lock was broken in the door. We ended up getting the door open by using a smaller screwdriver in the area where the lock was busted.  We can open the door fine now, but it requires a dead bolt to keep it shut. We will be fixing that soon!

The woman at the park told me about the small town along Rte 66 that the movie Cars was modeled after- Seligman, AZ. We starred our map and are going there next on our way to LA. Once we were in the park for our second day the kids had a wonderful time. We learned about California Condors at a critter talk, we hiked and Dylan earned his junior ranger badge.

Our troubles weren’t over though. We drove out to the forest road for our second night dry camping and got stuck in the mud. For a few moments of weakness I was done… I said I couldn’t handle so many things going wrong in one day. I took a few minutes to myself and then came back to James and said, “Okay, how can I help.” We took turns with wood behind the tires, then shoveling out the mud and using these cool RV leveling blocks that look like flattened Lego pieces. Like these: (They came with the RV from the previous owners.) We raised the back tires with the automatic levelers and then placed the blocks behind the muddy tire and a few really wet patches and then as James started to reverse and I saw it was going to work I said, “Go, Go, Go!!!” It ended up being the most exciting part of the day. Sighhhh And what’s funny to me is that the kids were so well entertained that they barely knew we were stuck in the mud. Talk about pampered.

2 thoughts on “The highs and lows of RV Living

  1. What an adventure! Your blog reminds me of all the journal writing you used to do. Can’t wait to follow you across all the states!


  2. I’ve been living in our RV for something like 60 days now and other than yesterday and today it seems we always run into a problem or two quite regularly. We’ve had our fridge quit, the water heater started draining out the hot water onto the ground and even our roof leaked and wouldn’t you know right over the bed. I know how you feel when your inches away from giving up been there many times myself.


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