We Begin…

April 1, 2016

Well we had lots of help and lots of last minute visitors wishing us well as we finished packing up the house to the midnight hour. Then the last step was getting it all in the RV. Not all made the cut. On the way out of town we did a final run to donate material to be recycled, items to Goodwill, gassed up and even dropped off a book at the library.

We expected to be thrilled, but we mostly were exhausted from days of packing. I had logged in over 15,000 steps the last two days. Then as we were driving out of Mesa I started saying goodbye to places.   “Goodbye library, Goodbye LA Fitness, Goodbye Cub Scouts…” It was a perfect path out of town and it felt like a version of Goodnight Moon.

We napped in Payson, had a quick dinner with my mother-in-law (who we will be staying with in a few days) and then drove to St. Johns. We are staying with cousins Fermie and Manuel who are wonderful hosts.  After a goodnight sleep we were refreshed and happy to visit and play games. Here are some pictures that show off the beauty of their town.

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